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Naomi Rothwell-Boyd, February 20 2023

Where Can I Find Career Advice That Will Help Me Today?

Are you feeling stuck in your current career? Are you considering a change but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Navigating a job change can be intimidating, so having access to reliable sources of info is crucial. But how can I uncover the right guidance to make a sound decision about my career?

Fortunately, there are several professional resources available for those looking for guidance on how best to navigate a successful transition into their next role or industry. From experienced coaches who specialise in helping individuals create personalised strategies, online platforms with up-to-date research tools and insights from other professionals within your field, all the way through attending networking events tailored towards connecting likeminded people; these avenues provide invaluable support and career advice when researching potential options. 

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Professional Career Coaches

Professional career coaches are experts in helping job seekers and professionals navigate a career change. They can offer tailored counsel on how to uncover the perfect position, create an impressive CV that stands out from the crowd, and devise a successful job-seeking approach.

For example, if you’re looking for a new position or considering switching careers altogether, a professional coach can help you assess your skillset and identify potential opportunities that fit your interests and goals. A good mentor can also be an asset in offering direction on how to showcase yourself during interviews, so that employers are drawn to your competencies.

Furthermore, professional coaches can give their input on resumes and cover letters to ensure they stand out from the competition. Professional coaches have experience with different industries as well as hiring practices which gives them insight into what employers look for when making hiring decisions. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes time to apply for jobs or negotiate salary offers.

Professional career coaches also offer support throughout the entire process of transitioning into a new role or industry by providing encouragement during difficult times and offering constructive criticism when needed. Coaches understand the challenges associated with changing careers and are equipped with strategies to help manage stress levels while searching for employment opportunities or interviewing for positions outside of one's comfort zone.

Professional career coaches can assist in recognising your talents, devising a plan for achievement, and offering beneficial direction to optimise the shift in your vocation. Nevertheless, there are likewise abundant digital tools accessible that can furnish supportive counsel and assistance during the transformation.

Key Takeaway: Navigating a career transition can be intimidating, yet with the guidance of an experienced job coach, seekers are able to acquire priceless insight into potential options and craft fruitful tactics for facing the challenge.

Online Resources

Online resources are a great way to help job seekers find career advice. Websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn provide valuable tips on how to write resumes, network effectively, and research potential employers. For example, Glassdoor offers resume templates that can be customised with your own experience and skillset. Additionally, they have an “Interview Questions” section where you can read up on the types of questions commonly asked in interviews so you can prepare accordingly.

Indeed is another helpful website for job seekers looking for career advice. It offers a broad variety of employment opportunities across many sectors, as well as assessments from past or current workers regarding their experiences in those businesses. This allows you to get an inside look into what it’s like to work there before applying for the position. Moreover, Indeed also provides salary information so you know what kind of compensation range to expect when negotiating with potential employers.

LinkedIn is another highly beneficial online resource for job seekers seeking career advice and guidance. This platform enables users to create professional profiles that highlight their skillsets and accomplishments while networking with other professionals in their industry or field of interest. 

It provides the opportunity to join relevant groups related to your desired profession or industry which can provide access to resources such as articles written by experts in the field, as well as upcoming events pertinent to furthering one's knowledge base or connecting with potential employers who are actively hiring new talent within a certain sector.

In addition to these websites there are numerous blogs dedicated solely towards providing career advice from industry experts who have years of experience under their belt . These blogs often contain useful tips on topics ranging from how best approach negotiations during salary talks , interview techniques , effective communication strategies , etc . Furthermore , some blog posts even feature guest speakers who share personal stories about transitioning between different careers throughout their lifetime which could prove invaluable insight into navigating a successful changeover .

Overall, online resources provide invaluable assistance when searching for career advice no matter where one might be starting out in life. With just a few clicks, one has access to not only vast amounts of information but also experienced individuals willing to lend support along this journey, making it easier than ever before to navigate through any changes taking place professionally speaking.

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Networking Events

Networking occasions can be a remarkable method to interface with people in your industry and get familiar with potential openings or ventures you may think about. Events such as these can be a great chance for those searching for employment or aiming to transition into another profession to intermingle with like-minded individuals.

Attending industry-focused gatherings can furnish you with priceless insight, as well as establish meaningful connections that may open up potential future prospects. Many cities host professional organizations that organise regular networking events specifically designed for those seeking employment or a career change.

These events typically include presentations from industry experts, roundtable discussions on relevant topics, and plenty of time for mingling with other attendees. They also often feature recruiters from various companies who are actively searching for qualified candidates. It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities by introducing yourself and exchanging contact information with those you meet at the event.

When attending a networking event, it’s best to come prepared with questions related to the topic being discussed or any specific questions about the company represented at the event. This will show that you’re engaged in what is being said and demonstrate your interest in learning more about their organisation or industry overall. Additionally, having business cards handy is always helpful when meeting new contacts so they can easily keep track of how they met you later on down the line if needed.

After attending a networking event, it is important to follow up with those you met. Sending thank-you notes or emails afterwards can demonstrate your appreciation for anyone who took the time to speak with you during the event and create lasting impressions on key contacts within your desired field. This small gesture will go far in making an impactful impression that could lead to future opportunities.

Finally, don't forget that networking isn't just limited to formalised events - many times simply striking up conversations while waiting in line at coffee shops or even talking casually over lunch can result in meaningful connections too. So no matter where life takes you next, don't be afraid to reach out and start building relationships along your journey towards finding success.

Networking occasions can be a great chance to associate with potential bosses, find out about employment openings, and get important knowledge into various enterprises.

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Finding the right career advice can be a daunting task. But with the help of professional career coaches, online resources, and networking events, you can get the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision about your next steps.

Drawing on their wealth of experience and proficiency in this arena, career advisors can furnish you with the requisite facts to enable your achievement in a new professional direction. So if you're asking yourself "where can I find career advice?", look no further than these sources for reliable advice that will set you up for success.

Author: Naomi Rothwell-Boyd

Naomi is the founder of Tribe And Seek and an EMCC and CIPD accredited career coach specialising in career change. 

Her career advice comes from her work alongside ex-olympic athletes supporting corporate clients like Kraft Heinz, and creating leadership courses at the Duke Of Edinburgh's Award.

She also left a previous career in international development consulting behind, where she led UK corporate fundraising at Habitat For Humanity.

Written by

Naomi Rothwell-Boyd


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