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Where Are The Public Reviews?

Everything you post online is searchable by current and potential future employers. We appreciate most people don't want employers discovering they're considering a career change.

Career change is also very personal and private. This means we don't proactively ask people to post reviews of our services online if they don't want to. Client confidentiality is our priority.

That is why we provide money-back guarantees on all our products instead. You can try any of our products knowing you can get your money back.

Where's The Social Media Feedback?

We don't believe having more likes makes you a better business. We believe in delivering a quality service to those who need our help.

We don't spend time worrying about our social media presence. We also know that what businesses portray on social media is rarely the full story and often deceptive. Just watch the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix! (It's amazing!)

We're experts in career change and that's our focus.


" Prior to working with Naomi, I lacked complete confidence in my career, skill set, and even found it difficult to define simple goals.  In a short time, Naomi has been able to provide insightful guidance and enable me to not only define my skill set, but to discover my goals and vision for my career. She has provided me with effective tools to define the career path I have been seeking for a long time, including changing industries. I feel empowered to proactively take the steps necessary to achieve my ultimate vision, and achieve a sense of fulfilment. "

Sydney - Dept Head, Business Development

" As soon as I met Naomi, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She listened to all my challenges and helped me rationalise them. She gave me the confidence to raise the issues I had in a constructive way and to realise that whilst I was not able to control the outcome, I could deal with some elements - and therefore to focus on controlling the controllable and stop worrying about the areas out of my hands.   She gave me techniques to set goals and identify the important steps to achieving them, a framework of how to address a significant issue more constructively and I have a renewed energy as a result of our sessions.  I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who is looking for a coach to guide them, whether it be a personal or career issue, she will listen and support you, whilst giving you the tools to take control of your situation and to be accountable to yourself and your own needs. "

Emily - Finance Director

" I came to Naomi in a state of deep frustration and regret with my current career.In a short space of time she was able to help me focus in on what it is I want to do and what actions I need to take to get there. I now feel invigorated to pursue a new direction and am much clearer on the steps I need to take. I now look forward to what the future holds! "

James - Founder, Fitness Business

"Very good at challenging mindsets, identifying current frustrations and introducing future possibilities. I've enjoyed the future possibilities exercise as it's expanding my mindset and opening up more options."

Cara - Studio Manager

"The sessions were really good and did get me thinking. The reflection of what my personal success looks like was really helpful."

Mathew - Bank Manager

"The exercises have been really helpful in looking at my career holistically, thanks!"

Freya - Investment Analyst

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