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Naomi Rothwell-Boyd, September 12 2022

4 Ways Night Jobs Help Career Progression

Working a night job can be a great way to improve your career prospects. While it may not be the ideal situation for everyone, there are many benefits to working night shifts making them worth considering when brainstorming new career ideas.

In this blog post, we will discuss four of the most important ways that night jobs can help you move up in your career. Keep reading to learn more!

Are night shift jobs right for me?

Considering night work and whether it's right for you depends on a variety of factors. If you're night shift workers, you may enjoy the following:

On the other hand, night jobs can also be challenging. Working nights may require you to:

If you're considering a night job, it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

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How can night jobs help my career?

Despite the potential disadvantages, working night shifts can be a great way to improve your career prospects. Here are four ways that night jobs can help you move up in your career:

1) Free up your time

Night jobs have this one huge advantage, time. By working a night shift, you have more free time than others during regular working hours, which gives you a big advantage.

Often when trying to do a side hustle, especially something creative or in media, you need to connect with people on the fly or at strange times. It's much harder for someone working a 9-5 office job to "disappear" off at 3pm to have a key meeting with a creative collaborator. But a night shift can give you the flexibility to do exactly that.

It's true those working nights need to shift their sleep times and social lives to fit around it, but the majority of key decision makers in most industries don't work nights and so meeting these people whenever suits them is a competitive advantage.

Additionally, simply getting the extra income from a night shift also helps to buy you a bit more freedom to pursue something else you're passionate about without as much financial pressure.

Just make sure you actually leverage the new time you've found. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate and simply waste the time watching Netflix instead of building out your side hustle!

2) Experience in a variety of industries

Experience is one of the most important things when it comes to moving up in your career. And night jobs can give you a leg up in this area, as they often require workers to have experience in a variety of industries.

For example, many night jobs are in the service industry, which can give you valuable experience dealing with customers and providing them with excellent service. This experience can be transferable to many other industries, such as sales or customer service.

Additionally, night jobs often require workers to be able to multi-task and handle a variety of tasks at once. This experience can also be beneficial in many other career fields.

3) Develop new skills and knowledge

In addition to gaining valuable experience, night jobs can also help you develop new skills and knowledge. For example, if you work in the service industry, you may learn how to use a POS system or how to run a large inventory.

You may also have the opportunity to learn about different products and services that are offered by the company you work for. This knowledge can be helpful if you're considering a career change in the future.

Additionally, night jobs can also help you develop important soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving. These skills are essential in any career field and can help you stand out from the competition when applying for jobs.

You can consider night jobs where you will learn specific skills that could help your primary long term focus. A night job could be a stepping stone job that allows you to develop a skill set that will be in demand and help you get your foot in the door of an industry or company you want to work for eventually.

The job might instead be in a similar line of work you want but much closer than your old job, or having no job at all. For example, if you want to get into music, while bartending is not exactly glamorous it will mean you could get access to performers to learn from them. Which brings us to the fourth advantage.

4) Network with other professionals

Night jobs can also be a great way to network with other professionals. When you work nights, you'll often meet people from all walks of life, including other night shift workers, service industry workers, performers, and even business owners.

This is a great opportunity to expand your professional network and meet people who can help you in your career. Additionally, night jobs can also give you the opportunity to meet potential mentors or sponsors who can help you advance in your career. You could learn about job openings before they're posted, or get advice on how to improve your resume or interviewing skills.

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Tips for getting night jobs

Now that you know some of the ways night jobs can help your career, you're probably wondering how you can get one. Here are a few tips:

- Check with your current employer first. Many employers are willing to work with employees to accommodate their schedule needs.

- Look for night jobs that are in industries or companies you're interested in. This will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge in your desired field.

- Network with people you meet while working night shifts. These connections can be beneficial when it comes time to apply for jobs or advance in your career.

- Check specific job boards or classifieds for night jobs that suit your skills and interests.

- Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends if they know of any night job openings in the area.

There are a number of advantages to working night jobs, such as freeing yourself up to pursue a side hustle, gaining valuable experience, developing new skills and knowledge, and networking with other professionals. So if you're looking for a way to boost your career, consider getting a night job. You never know where it might lead!

Written by

Naomi Rothwell-Boyd

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