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Overcome Your Quarter Life Crisis & Uncover Your Perfect Career In 12 Weeks


Identify Your Mountain

What Is The Seeker Program?

Who Is It For?

How Does It Work?


It is a private 12 week personal development program with one to one coaching sessions, development exercises and an online community for post-program support used to overcome your crisis & uncover your perfect career.

The Seeker Program is for ambitious young professionals who have been missing the guidance they need to work out what to do with their lives. It is for those who have some ideas but don't know how to get there & it is for those who just feel lost.

Participants work through the 7 stages of the program with Naomi as their personal coach. You finish with clarity on the perfect career for you, a fully designed complete career plan and clear next steps to achieve it. The program is delivered in a set structure. See more details below.

Together we define your core challenges. We classify what it is you need to change and how much change is required to climb your mountain. We prepare you for the journey.

We address your anxieties, fears and doubts head on. We help you overcome your biology and re-wire how you think about your challenges, turning them into massive opportunities.


Destroy Your Walls

Uncover Your Purpose


We shine a spotlight on what really motivates you, where your passion comes from and what really makes you feel fulfilled. We roll all this up into a primary purpose that will give meaning to your new focus.

We map out the life you want to live, how you want to feel and the next steps you need to take on your new path. We show you which steps to climb up your mountain to make the journey achievable.


Choose Your Future

Repackage Your Value


We challenge common misconceptions on how to value yourself in the market. We show you how others really evaluate your worth to them and how to take full advantage of opportunities.

Profile Your Skills


We map both your niche skills and your general skills. From these we extract your core competencies and attributes that apply to any walk of life, what makes you a badass, and revamp your CV.

We tackle the technical side of any big changes, including personal development strategies, leadership development, interview preparation, the best job searching practices or even business building strategies. We make sure you know exactly what to do next on your path.


Make Your Change




Naomi has been able to provide insightful guidance and enable me to not only define my skill set, but to discover my goals and vision for my career.

She has provided me with effective tools to define the career path I have been seeking for a long time, including changing industries.

I feel empowered to proactively take the steps necessary to achieve my ultimate vision, and achieve a sense of fulfilment."

Sydney Jones

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Everyone who applies gets a free copy of our Priority & Goal Setting guide (£79), regardless of whether your free coaching session goes ahead.

Find The Career That Makes You Happy, Gives You Purpose & Pays The Bills