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We Believe In Living Fulfilling Lives

Hello! I'm Naomi and I started Tribe And Seek

I started Tribe And Seek to provide a reliable solution for young professionals so they can overcome their personal crisis & uncover their perfect career, so they can lead happy and fulfilling lives. To be clear, I was never the kid at school who had their whole life planned out in front of them.

While I was studying for my A levels, I had an accident and I broke my neck. I had a hangman’s fracture, which is usually fatal. And even then, anyone who isn’t killed outright is normally left completely paralysed from the neck down. Against crazy odds, I wasn’t killed and I also wasn’t paralysed...

If you want to find out what happened and hear more about my story, I talk further about it in a video case study which you can watch here...


Naomi has been able to provide insightful guidance and enable me to not only define my skill set, but to discover my goals and vision for my career.

She has provided me with effective tools to define the career path I have been seeking for a long time, including changing industries.

I feel empowered to proactively take the steps necessary to achieve my ultimate vision, and achieve a sense of fulfilment."

Sydney Jones

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About Us & Our History